Shower Filter

No more THM found in the blood stream after shower. Replace filter media annually.

RM 70

  • THMs can sometimes get into the bloodstream via a shower at levels four times greater than THM levels in tap water. High THM concentration have been linked to cancer, miscarriages and other reproductive problems after long-term exposure.

    University of North Carolina (UNC)

    At Chapal Hill's School of Public Health
  • THM concentrations in blood were measured before and after showers. Researchers found that after subjects took showers, the THM levels in their bloodstreams were actually four times higher than the THM levels of the water coming out of their taps.

    Water Technology

    Volume 25, Issue 7 - July 2002

byproduct of chlorination

Trihalomethanes (THMs)

THM is associated with a multitude of health risks, including cancer.




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